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—  WINE  —

We change our wine list seasonally, packing it full of wines we enjoy and that sit well with our food.

We have around 35 to 40 bins on at any one time, and have plenty to choose from by the glass.

We also have a good selection of local beers, gins and a small aperitif menu.


Sparkling | Frizzante | Espumoso | Pétillant

Picol Ross Lambrusco 2017 by La Piccola, Emilia-Romagna

Ⓞ Wow! Sparkling dry red. Ancient vines from 1907.

6.50 glass (125ml) / 39 bottle

Colle Baio Prosecco by Ill Colle, Veneto

Ⓞ Apple fresh with a bright citrus finish.

7 glass (125ml) / 42 bottle

Champagne Brut by Gyejacquot Freres, Aube

Ⓢ Blanc de Pinot Noir. Bright & long. Peaches & cream.

55 bottle

Champagne Millesime Grand Cru 2010 by Gonet Sulcova

Ⓢ Comples, mouthwatering. High finesse.

93 bottle

White | Blanco | Bianca | Blanc | Weiß

Garnacha Blanca 2016 by Clos Pinell, Terra Alta

Ripe white fruit. Creamy.

5.75 glass (175ml) / 23 bottle

Gavi 2016 by La Mesma, Piedmonte

Floral scents, apricot, citrus notes. Harmonious.

7.25 glass (175ml) / 29 bottle

Bordeaux Blanc 2015 by Chateau La Gontrie, Bordeaux

Firm acidity, hints of honey, straw and citrus.

9.50 glass (175ml) / 25 carafe (500ml) / 38 bottle

Marko Txacoli de Bizkaia 2014 by Bastegieta, Pais Vasco

Ⓞ Elegant interpretation of gastronomic Basque classic.

39 bottle

Riesling Alte Reben 2016 by Carl Loewen, Mosel

Ⓢ Dry. Tangy citrus, apricot. Old -vines, steep slopes. A new star!

11 glass (175ml) / 29.50 carafe (500ml) / 44 bottle

Bordeaux 2015 by Chateau Valrose, EDM

Ⓞu/c Mid-maturity. Passionfruit. White peach. Honey.

48 bottle

Orto 2012 by M. Thoulouze, Venice Lagoon

ⓄⓋ Ungrafted vines on Venice's garden island. Apricots, dry honey.

59 bottle

Chablis Mont de Milieu Premier Cru 2014 by T.Laffay, Burgundy

Ⓢ A new classic producer.

69 bottle

Clos St.Philibert Monopole 2010 by Méo-Camuzet, Burgundy

Ⓢ Citric. Apricot.

73 bottle

VV Branco 2013 by Niepoort, Bairrada

ⓄⒷu/c Incredibly intense yet ethereal. Serious yet summery. 100 year vines.

77 bottle

Meursault Clos de Tavaux Monopole 2015 by F.Gaunoux, Burgundy

ⓈⓋ A rare, unoaked expression.

89 bottle

Yellow | Jaune

Vin Jaune de Jura by Pignier

ⒷⓋ Walnuts, spice. Perfect with cheese. (62cl bottle)

7.50 glass (50ml) / (93 bottle)

Orange | Arancione | Anaranjado | Oranzna

Maturano 2015 by I Ciacca, Lazio

Ⓥ Tangy and bright. Hand-picked grapes.

8 glass (175ml) / 22 carafe (500ml) / 32 bottle

Legs Blanco 2016 by Esencia Rural, La Mancha

ⓄⒷ 100 year-old vines. Dried apricots; savoury finish.

8 glass (175ml) / 32 bottle

Le Trouble Fait 2016 by Marc Barriot, Rousillon

Ⓑ Cooked stone fruit; cider. Unfiltered; hand bottled; low sulphites.

44 bottle

Brezanka 2013 by R.Kocjancic, Primorska

Ⓑ Apricot, peach, raisins. Resin, caramel. Minimal intervention; no sulphites.

67 bottle

Pink | Rosa | Rose

Rosa 2013 by Nervi, Piedmonte

Crunchy, invigorating Nebbiolo rose. Hints of bitter orange peel and dried flowers.

37 bottle

Susucaru Rosato 2018 by Cornelissen, Etna

ⓄⓋ Fresh and elegant. Young fruits. Mineral. Intensely volcanic.

60 bottle

La Rose du Clos Grand Cru 2016 by Domaine des Lambrays, Burgundy

Vibrant and mineral. Redcurrants. Refined. Rare.

72 bottle

Red | Tinto | Rosso | Rouge

Les Tallades 2017 Montsant, Catalonia

Lively red fruit. Pomegranate. Grenache based.

6.50 glass (175ml) / 26 bottle

Bardolino 2018 by Raval, Garda

Ⓢ Pale. High finesse. All red cherries, strawberries. Valpolicella blend.

7.50 glass (175ml) / 30 bottle

Rioja 2015 by Gorrebusto, Rioja

Ⓢ Clean and full bodied. Cranberry. Brightly berried Tempranillo. 600m altitude.

33 bottle

Terre Sauvage 2013 by Gilbert Gaillard, St. Chinian

Ⓞu/cⓋ Fine, florally fruited all-rounder.

35 bottle

Aglianico(ne) Tempa 2014 by de Conciliis, Campania

Ⓞu/c Clean. Plummy.

9 glass (175ml) / 24 carafe (500ml) / 36 bottle

Mon Coeur 2014 by Jean-Louis Chave, Cotes du Rhone

Beautifully balanced. Blueberries and spice. Soft tannins.

10.25 glass (175ml) / 41 bottle

Dolcetto Boschi di Berri 2015 by Marcarini, Piedmont.

Darkly fruited yet juicily fresh. 120 year-old ungrafted vines.

44 bottle

Pinot Noir 2013 by Wingspan, Nelson

Ⓞu/cⓋ The wine we opened BOX-E with! Delicate blackberries.

12 glass (175ml) / 32 carafe (500ml) / 48 bottle

Susucaru Rosso 2018 by Cornelissen, Etna

ⓄⓋ Vibrant, complex, mineral, thrilling. Volcanic old-vine pale red.

55 bottle

Lirac Reine des Bois 2005 by Mordorée, So. Rhone

Ⓢ Damson. Cherry. Grenache-based.

57 bottle

Rasteau 2000 by Jerome Bressy, So.Rhone

ⓄⓋ Mature fruit. Soft tannins. Cult-grower near Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

69 bottle

Munjebel Rosso ‘classico’ 2016 by Cornelissen, Etna

ⓄⓋ Pure old-vine NerelloMascalese. Grippy tannins. Ripe fruit.

73 bottle

Monthelie Les Duresses Premier Cru 2000 by Coche-Bizouard, Burgundy

Fine, mid-mature Burgundian Pinot.

77 bottle

Volnay Santenots Premier Cru 2009 by T.Glantenay, Burgundy

ⓈⓋ Serious, grown-up, profound Pinot Noir. Old vines.

91 bottle

Black | Noir | Nero

Cahors 2008 by Clos de Gamot, SW France

ⓋⓈ Wine-y rather than fruity. Refined tannins.

50 bottle

Cahors VC 2010 by Clos de Gamot, SW France

ⓋⓈ Old Malbec vines planted in 1885. Like classic era GREAT claret!

84 bottle

Sweet | Doux | Doce

Monbazillac 'Chateau' 2015 by Tirecul La Graviere, SW France

ⓄⓋ Honeysuckle. Lychee. (50cl bottle)

8.50 glass (75ml) / 51 bottle

Maury 2017 by Clot de L'Origine, Roussill

ⓋⒷ Dark berries. Spice. (50cl bottle)

7 glass (75ml) / 42 bottle

Secundum Vintage Port 2000 by Niepoort, Porto

ⓋⓈ Rich, concentrated dark fruits. (37.5cl bottle)

9.50 glass (75ml) / bottle 48

KEY | Ⓥ = Vegan compatible Ⓢ = Sustainable Ⓞ = Organic Ⓑ = Biodynamic u/c = uncertified

As our wine list evolves and revolves, some growers remain at its heart, whether for their pairing potential, excitement in the glass, sheer quality, or value for money. They include:

Rieslings by Carl Loewen, Mosel -
Venice lagoon white by Michel Thoulouze of Orto -
White Burgundy by Méo-Camuzet of Vosne Romanée -
Wine and Port by Dirk Niepoort, Portugal -
Meursault by Francois Gaunoux, Burgundy -
Vin Jaune by Pignier, Jura -
Volcanic wines by Frank Cornelissen on Mt.Etna -
GSM red blends by Gilbert & Gaillard of St. Chinian -
Jean-Louis Chave of the Rhone -
Reds by Marcarini of La Morra, Piedmont
Mature Rasteau by Jerome Bressy of Gourt de Mautens, South Rhone -
Honeyed Monbazillac by Tirecul La Graviere, SW France -