With the help of our friend and wine supplier, David Harvey - who began his career in the '90s as a sommelier in Bristol's prestigious Harvey's wine cellars - we have carefully selected a seasonal wine list full of great bottles that we would enjoy drinking.

Spring's list includes Orto - an apricot-y white produced from grapes grown on ungrafted vines on the kitchen garden island of Venice; a fantastic tomato leaf-fresh Chinon pink from the Loire; as well as a bold, just-ripe, Mount Etna-grown wine from renowned natural wine-maker Frank Cornelissen with whom Elliott collaborated with on wine dinners during his time at L'ortolan.

We have around 25 to 30 bins on at any one time, and offer wines by the glass on rotation.


Methode Traditionelle 2011 by Mas de la Basserola, Catalan
Organic. High altitude. Crisp and fresh.
7 glass (125ml) / 39 bottle

Champagne Decelle Brut by Gyejacquot
Sustainable Pinot Noir. Rich, creamy. Peach.
55 bottle

Champagne d'Ambonnay Grand Cru 2005 by Famille H.Billiot
Sustainable. Classic blend. Nutty.
93 bottle



Vino Verde 'Docil' 2014 by Niepoort, Minho
Sustainable. Citrus. Floral. Granite soil.
36 bottle



Garnacha Blanca 2015 by Clos Pinell, Terra Alta
Ripe white fruit. Creamy.
5.50 glass (175ml) / 22 bottle

Bordeaux Blanc 2015 by Ch.Grand Bireau, Bordeaux
Organic, unoaked, sensual sauvignon blanc.
7.75 glass (175ml) / 31 bottle

Muscadet 2012 by Bonnet Huteau, Loire
Biodynamic. Profound yet light, mineral white.
9.25 glass (175ml) / 37 bottle

Dry Riesling AR 2011 by Hervé Bar, Saar
'Organic u/c.' Clean. Fresh apples. Hay.
11 glass (175ml) / 44

Bordeaux 2012 by Chateau Valrose, Bordeaux
'Organic u/c.' Passion fruit. White peach. Dry.

Orto 2011 by M. Grailot, Venice
Ungrafted vines from the kitchen garden island. Apricots, dry honey.

Chablis Mont de Milieu Premier Cru 2013 by T.Laffay, Burgundy
'Organic u/c.' A new star producer.

Clos St.Philibert Monopole 2008 by Méo-Camuzet, Burgundy
Sustainable. Citric. Apricot.

Meursault Clos de Tavaux Monopole 2013 by F.Gaunoux, Burgundy
Sustainable. Unoaked.



L’Attente vin Jaune 2007 by Domain Buronfosse, Jura
‘Organic u/c.’ Walnuts, citrus fruits and spice.
7.50 glass (50ml) / 88 bottle (62cl)



Legs 'Blanco' 2015 by Esencia Rural, La Mancha
Organic dry-farmed. Ancient vines. Ginger. Lemongrass.
8 glass (175ml) / 32 bottle

Trebbiano Zero 2014 by San Lorenzo, Abruzzo
Organic. Unsulphited. Fresh and cooked stone fruits.
44 bottle



'Le Chic' Chinon 2013 by Spelty, Loire

Organic. Just ripe. Red cherry, rhubarb, tomato leaf.

37 bottle



Montepulciano Sirio 2014 by San Lorenzo, Abruzzo
Sustainable. Young, fresh and juicy.
6.50 glass (175ml) / 26 bottle

Aglianicone Tempa 2014 by de Conciliis, Campania
'Organic-u/c.' Clean. Plummy.
8.25 glass (175ml) / 22 carafe (500ml) / 33 bottle

Waterstone Bridge Shiraz 2011 by Gapsted, Victoria
Fragrantly subtle. Blackberries, pepper.
9 glass (175ml) / 36 bottle

Mencia Seleccion 2009 by Llegado de Faro, Bierzo
Sustainable. Old vines. Ripe fruit, vanilla, spices.
41 bottle

Moulin-a-Vent 2009 by Janin, Beaujolais
Sustainable. Rounded, full and elegant. Blackberries.
11 glass (175ml) / 44 bottle

Nebbiolo 2009 by Rugra, Piedmont
'Organic-u/c.' The great grape of Barolo. Rich vintage.
48 bottle

Rosso del Contadino 2014 by Frank Cornelissen, Mt.Etna
Organic. High altitude vines. Pithy.
55 bottle

Lirac Reine des Bois 2005 by Mordorée, So.Rhone
Sustainable. Damson. Cherry.
57 bottle

Rasteau 2000 by Jerome Bressy, So.Rhone. Biodynamic
Deep fruit. Soft tannins.
69 bottle

Monthelie Duresses Premier Cru 2000 by Coche-Bizouard, Burgundy
Fine, mid-mature Pinot.
77 bottle

Nuits St.Georges Les Lavieres 2009 by J.Chauvenet, Burgundy
Sustainable. Ancient vines.
89 bottle



Nero d'Avola 'Sirene' 2007 by Do Zenner, Sicily
'Biodynamic u/c.' Prune. Red fruits. Spices.
59 bottle



Monbazillac 'Chateau' 2011 by Tirecul La Graviere, Dordogne
Organic. Honeysuckle. Lychee. (50cl)
8.50 glass (75ml) / 51 bottle

Maury 2014 by Clot de L'Origine, Roussillon
Biodynamic. Dark berries. Spice. (50cl)
7 glass (75ml) / 42 bottle

Secundum Vintage Port 1999 by Niepoort, Minho
Rich, concentrated dark fruits. (37.5cl)
9.50 glass (75ml) / 48 bottle

Moscato d'Asti 2015 by Runchet, Langhe
Sparkling. Sustainable. Sweet. Blossomy.
6 glass (125ml) / 36 bottle


We rotate wines by the glass so that you are able to enjoy wines suited to the menu and season.

Still dry wines are served in 175ml glasses, but 125ml is available upon request. Off-sales are available. Please ask.